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Vermillion 380 Explosion

September 2, 2010

Multiple news outlets are reporting that there was an explosion Vermillion 380 an oil rig 80 miles off the Louisiana coast. Last word was that 13 workers had been rescued from the water by the Coast Guard. There’s been no word yet about any casualties or oil spills from the explosion.

update: It seems Vermillion 380 is a production platform, not a drilling unit and it is sitting in roughly 500 feet of water compared to the 5000 feet of water in the Deepwater Horizon accident.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada to Investigate Concordia Sinking

March 9, 2010

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has decided to conduct a safety investigation into the capsizing and sinking of the sailing vessel (SV) Concordia, which occurred on February 17, 2010, off the coast of Brazil.

The SV Concordia is registered as a sail-training yacht and operated as a “floating classroom.” It is Canadian-owned and operated out of the port of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Sixty-four high school students and crew, including 43 Canadians, were aboard the ship when it capsized and sank for, as yet, undetermined reasons. Barbados, the flag state of the SV Concordia, has opened an investigation.

Incredible Video: The Sinking of the Secota

March 4, 2010

On 22 March 1986, near Midway Island, Secota (YTM-415) had just completed a personnel transfer with the USS Georgia (SSGN-729), when the Secota lost power and collided with the Georgia. Secota sank. Ten crewman were rescued, but two drowned. Georgia was undamaged.

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Students rescued after Canadian ship S/V Concordia sinks

February 19, 2010

The Concordia, a Canadian-based student ship sank off the coast of Brazil on Friday but all 64 passengers have been rescued, according to news reports. The tall ship SV Concordia sank about 555 kilometres off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in rough seas on Thursday night. All 64 passengers and crew had been safely rescued by the Brazilian navy with the assistance of Japanese merchant ship, Hokuetsu Delight.

A spokeswoman for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Simone MacAndrew said,
“Officials at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and at the Embassy of Canada in Brasilia and the General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, are aware of the sinking of the West Island College Class Afloat ship, SV Concordia, off the coast of Brazil.”

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said,
“All crew and passengers have been recovered and are uninjured. This is good news. I thank Brazilian authorities who led a search and rescue operation and acted swiftly to assist the ship and its passengers.”

The SV Concordia is a 57.5-metre ship with a 35-metre mast and 15 sails belongs to the West Island Class Afloat alternative school in Montreal. The ship was carrying high school seniors and first-year university students on an educational voyage.

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